ILGA-Europe’s latest report shows that one in three LGBTI organisations in Europe and Central Asia are working with a budget under 20,000 euro per year ­ that’s just under 55 euro a day all the while facing and responding to the rise of often well-funded anti-LGBTI forces and their effect on people’s daily lives. And that’s just a small part of the bigger picture.

Photo credit: Zackary Drucker and Alyza Enriquez / The Gender Spectrum Collection

As 2021 comes to an end, we have collected some of the moments, events and trends that have marked the year in the latest episode of The Frontline, ILGA-Europe’s podcast about LGBTI activism and lives in Europe and Central Asia. Read here some of the episode’s highlights and find out reasons to stay hopeful in 2022.

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Recent data shows that LGBTI young people perceive the labour market with fear and that most of LGBTI youth living with their families have experienced violence in different parts of Europe. These are among the alarming facts related to the impact of inequality and oppression in LGBTI communities, as identified through ILGA-Europe’s No One Left Behind initiative.

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BeLonG To, the leading Irish organisation for LGBT young people is on the vanguard of working on the instersection of LGBTI and disability. Here we share their journey so far, and some great tips for for LGBTI organisations who want to be inclusive of people with disabilities in their work.

Making our work more inclusive is at the core of ILGA-Europe’s purpose. This is especially true in the case of disabled LGBTI people, who continue to be marginalised in our movement. In this blog, we share some of our learnings from working alongside disabled LGBTI activists. If you are part of a queer rights organisation, this may be particularly useful for you!

A moment of ILGA-Europe’s first Gathering of D/deaf and Disabled LGBTI Activists in 2019.

Dina, Ingrid and Louise are three LGBTI activists with disabilities based in different parts of Europe. They’re fighting for disabled LGBTI people to have a seat in LGBTI movements, and for equal rights in society. This International Day of Persons With Disabilities, they tell us about their aims and activism, and how can everyone be an ally under their motto: Nothing about us without us!

Meet Louise, Dina and Ingrid!

Dina Bajrektarevic: “We must be included in every aspect of political, social, economical and cultural life.”

Evelyne Paradis, Executive Director of ILGA-Europe reflects on the annual Gathering, the online version of Europe and Central Asia’s LGBTI conference, and what it affirmed for the movement at this time of momentous change.

The murders of 375 trans and gender-diverse people were reported between October 2020 and September 2021, according to the latest Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) update, and 2021 is set to be the deadliest year for trans communities since TGEU began collecting data. We say the names of those whose lives were cut short in our region, with a view towards a world where all trans people can live in equality, freedom and peace.

Source: TGEU

Recently, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in favour of a trans woman in Russia who was denied access to her children because of her gender identity and transition. Read on to find out how this may benefit all trans and LGBTI parents in Europe.

Credit: Ted Eytan / Creative Commons

Many older LGBTI’s remain invisible to other elderly people, while suffering ageism within their own LGBTI communities and legal and socio-economic barriers in their countries. To mark International Day of Older Persons on October 1, we look at the worrying obstacles LGBTI people may face as they age in Europe, even in countries where LGBTI rights are ensured.


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