How LGBTI activists can make terrific home-made videos

Guest blogger, Richard Roaf, director of VideoRev and an expert in helping activists develop low-budget viral campaign videos, shares his best tips for LGBTI activists filming home-made campaign videos and the learnings from the ‘Skills Boost’ workshop he conducted for ILGA-Europe.

This is the ‘premiere’ of the activists who created short homemade campaign videos using Richard’s tips — read on to find out how you can do this too!

Production: 6 Steps to Filming a High Quality Video

1. Choose your style

2. Choose your camera and position

3. Backdrop

4. Improve your light

5. Sound

6. Kitlist and Checklist

Creative: 2 Steps to Plan a Great Video

1. Use the Crisitunity structure

Top five ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ that came up in ILGA-Europe’s Skills Boost with LGBTI activists

1. Look directly at the camera

2. Be yourself

3. Keep it short

4. Clearly tell the audience what to do

5. Just do it!

Anyone can start

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