The seven ways COVID-19 has hugely impacted LGBTI people

“While the Coronavirus does not discriminate, it has hit vulnerable communities disproportionately harder.” This is the conclusion of ILGA-Europe’s rapid assessment report on the impacts of COVID-19 on LGBTI people, organisations, and communities in Europe and Central Asia. In this blog, ILGA-Europe’s policy team share the seven main areas of life in which COVID-19 has specifically impacted LGBTI people.

Credit: Yannis Papanastasopoulos / Unsplash

1. Health and access to health

2. Hate speech by political and religious leaders

3. Domestic violence

4. Access to housing, food, and subsistence through public relief programmes

5. Access to justice, registration, and other legal processes

6. Ability of LGBTI organisations to do advocacy and engage with policymakers

7. Other types of impacts

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